Thursday, 11 March 2010

Film Fun

I recently bought a Pentax K1000 off eBay after I borrowed one from Uni, and I liked that you can control everything on it. I wanted to learn how to use a fully manual camera so i've been experimenting/practising and trying to get it right. I used some expired film when I first got it but it got stuck and I exposed it all, this weekend was the first time I had used it since then and i've already used 3 rolls of film and these pictures are some of the results.

Nice things from my day out in London

Kitty Kats

There were a few over/underexposed or blurry shots but the majority were OK. I don't have a flash that works so all of these are available light. I just bought some B/W film to use and see how they look, and I want to try using it with flash in a studio set up to see how they look.
I absolutely love the quality that you get with film, I was all about digital before I started at Uni and now i'm completely converted. I now prefer it - the quality of the pictures, the process of setting the camera before you take a picture and needing to stop and think about the exposure beforehand - there's no 'point and snap' with a manual camera. It's really fun that you don't see your pictures until they're developed and it's exciting seeing how well they've turned out.

Friday, 5 March 2010


Medium format fun for a group project, based on mime artists funnily enough. Styled, set up and framed by all of us - then the pictures taken by our teacher. Little bit green for some reason..