Friday, 27 September 2013

Fashion Friday

It's the end of another week (already) spent wondering what the hell to wear in this undecided British weather of ours. I had resigned myself to the fact that summer was over and it was time to put my coat on for the next 8 months, but then the sun comes and shines all over place and confuses me.

Now, I don't mind if it's sunny - I don't mind if it's cold. I would just like it to stick to one or the other, please. It makes it incredibly difficult when I'm trying to get dressed in the morning and I know I'll inevitably spend the day freezing or boiling. It's just not on Mother Nature. 

On to more pressing matters. Here's a little taster of what I've been wearing and buying this week. I went "window" shopping with a friend during the week, which lasted all of half an hour once I stumbled into the lingerie sale in Gap. Lingerie being one of my favourite things to buy, it was hard to resist. I came away with some really pretty lace bras AND the matching underwear which is always a bonus. I don't often have the energy to shop for bras because it's so very time confusing but I'm super duper happy I did because I have 3 new ones and they were ONLY £4.99 each. Not a bad afternoons work. 

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  1. I always hate when the weather looks like its going to be warm, or cold, so you dress for it only to find that it's just the opposite when you go outside, or spend half an hour out of the house! At least you have more warm weather :)