Monday, 16 September 2013

Fashion roundup

So last week I went WILD (they were in the sale) and purchased a pair of Nike Air Max 1 trainers. I have been lusting over these for a while now, glaring enviously at those who already posses a pair - after pay day I felt like this was the month to finally invest. I spent a while looking at different websites at all the colours and prices, quickly coming to the conclusion that they were the same price everywhere and there are TOO MANY COLOURS TO CHOSE FROM. 

I made the decision at this point to buy the one pair that were on sale and in my size - I love pink and at least it's different to my usual boring black. They arrived last Tuesday and I have literally worn nothing since. They are so comfortable and I already want another pair in (boring) black. The only problem is the bouncy air pocket in the sole makes me about 2 inches taller, for most people this would be an added bonus but I am anything but vertically challenged. Well, it's a small price to pay for looking fabulous. Check out what I've been wearing this week..

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