Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pink Week

It's Saturday, and that can only mean one thing. I made it through the week wearing something pink every day, obviously. I sort of cheated on Friday by wearing the same shoes again but at least they were still pink - and frankly, I was running out of options anyway. 

I actually quite like the idea of limiting or giving yourself boundaries when getting dressed. I don't mean not allowing yourself to be free with your outfit choices, because that's silly, but more like giving yourself a theme day to day or week to week. I might have to do it again - perhaps wearing only black all week or wearing the same jacket in 5 different ways? I think it actually helped me to get dressed a bit quicker in the morning - or when I was preparing in the evening. Giving yourself limitations means you're looking at a selection of your wardrobe rather than standing in front of EVERYTHING you own and feeling completely overwhelmed and uninspired. 

More than anything, I think it has also made me more experimental with what I wear because I had to chose things I don't normally think to just throw on. I ended up wearing a pink sheer dress I probably haven't worn in over a year - it's the only pink dress I have so I felt like I had to wear it - and because it's sheer I knew I had to wear a tee underneath. This gave me the idea to wear a vest under my black dress the day after - and it's an outfit I really like. Now my brain is fizzing with different themes for the coming weeks..hmm..

Take a look at what I came up with from Monday to Saturday. Click on my instagram or ask me for details on where anything is from, if you so wish.

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