Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Puppy Sunday

Something terribly exciting happened at the weekend. I decided it needed a separate blog post entirely. I attended my very first puppy shower. Yes, you read that right. A puppy shower. Like a baby shower, except my friend will be 'giving birth' to a hairy puppy, and not, a human baby.

It might only be a puppy but she has decided this deserves a party just as much as any real baby. So along I went armed with a dog-friendly gift and some high, high hopes.

Turns out a puppy shower is pretty much just like any other party/day. Except instead of a normal/baby/whatever shaped cake, you have a dog shaped one. And, instead of gifts such as nappies, babygrows and bottles - you have dog coats and plastic bowls. I was primarily interested in the teddy shaped chicken nuggets which I ate A LOT of and instantly regretted. There were also magic stars and milky buttons - I'm 95% sure I ate the whole supply, which I also instantly regretted. Anyway, enough about food. Well you can never have enough food talk but I sense nobody else cares but me.

I happened to be about half an hour late to the shin dig - I mistakenly typed dog there, I do love an accidental pun. Anyway. I was late. This is down to the fact I couldn't for the life of me decide what to wear. Not for any particular reason, it was just one of those days where I didn't fancy wearing anything I owned. Which is annoying, mostly because it doesn't matter what I try on nothing is going to be good enough. It will take some kind of miracle. Opening your wardrobe door and walking through to some kind of Selfridges-Narnia, for example. This is not going to happen so it's really just a case of putting any-fucking-thing on, a tried and tested previously worn outfit, and being done with it.

This is essentially what I did. After taking the same outfit off and putting it back on again for half an hour - I eventually disregarded it and put on something completely different. This was interspersed with periods of just standing still in a pair of tights in my room, looking at my clothes. 

I really hate getting into moods like this because it makes the getting ready to go out situation so stressful, when it really needn't be. As I've said before, I make a conscious effort when I'm working to plan my outfits the night before to try and avoid this, because too often I've rushed to the station after being unprepared and uninspired.

So now I present to you the chosen outfit. Not particularly inspiring, but I (my mum) bought a denim shirt at the weekend and I was keen to wear it. It's one of those items I've been lusting after for a while so it was nice to find one in the Gap sale and I think it'll go with everything (small exaggeration). I ended up pairing this with a grey high neck, low arm hole dress with a slightly asymmetric hem that I've had for a couple of months. It only cost me £7.99 and I've worn it to death. I really should buy another one but I sense they're no longer in store however, H&M are generally quite good at keeping things in store a lot longer than say, Zara - who change their stock approximately every half hour. Seriously, what is that about? I swear it's a new season every week in Zara. Anyway, I went for this dress because it was clean, looks good with most things, is easy to wear and crucially, happened to be folded up right beside me at the time. Perfect.

Black leather jacket, River Island
Blue denim shirt, Gap
Grey jersey dress, H&M
Grey ribbed tights, no idea where they're from..
Mushroomy/taupe trainers, Vans

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