Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 2

Day 2

I had a good feeling about day 2. During breakfast one of the team spent a few moments elegantly dressing, sprinkling and generally tarting up his boiled egg. At this point my mother kindly pointed out he may want to peel the egg first. Another handy hint, egg shells are white in Iceland.

Turns out my suspicions were not unfounded. Our second day and first full day in Iceland got off to a musical start when we took a walk up to God's House. That's not a joke, it really is called God's House. It was the start of the Sunday service so we had a taster of the choir as we took the elevator to the 8th floor. The 8th floor is only the beginning as you can take a flight of stairs up the the very top and feast your eyes on the incredible view. 

9 stories above Reykjavik looks pretty spectacular as it turns out. The snow peaked mountains look like a postcard or an advert for Icelandic water. If you told me there was a giant poster being held up by a team of Icelanders I would have believed you. It really was that amazing. We took a bus load of pictures trying to capture a view that cannot be captured by anything but your retinas. I imagine the bars placed across the windows were only added after a bout of desperate tourists threw themselves off the top because they failed to realistically capture the beauty. 

We continued on our way. Next stop was the 'world famous' hot dog stand. It was pretty good. I think it's world famous because it's the only place in Reykjavik where you can purchase a mere morsel of food that costs less than 1000 kronor. This sounds like a lot because it is. But it actually translates to about £5. Seriously though, don't go to Iceland unless you're a millionaire. 

After this my hands had frozen to twice their size with the cold so we retreated to a pretty spectacular looking building that turned out to be a concert hall. It is made of glass and steel and looks a bit like it has been made from giant sized versions of the weird key you use to open the sim tray on an iPhone. We used the toilet there, took pictures in the cool mirror then made the last minute decision to go to the Blue Lagoon. We hustled back to the hotel and our fabulous receptionist booked everything for us. I like to think she specifically requested our driver because she knew we'd love him. More about him in a moment. We had apparently 'hustled' for no reason because we still had 40 minutes to spare before pick up time. 

So our driver picked us up. He was only taking us about 1km down the road to be picked up by a larger coach but in that short space of time he still managed to spew forth a surprising amount of number based facts for one man. I felt very well informed about the population of Reykjavik that weekend.

After a few pick ups, a disco nap and an Ed Sheeran album we arrived. We queued for an unreasonable amount of time, spent another unreasonable amount of time figuring out how to lock the locker with a wristband loaded with a micro chip and I showered with my bikini on even though you are required by law to remove them. Hehe! 

In case you don't know what the Blue Lagoon is, it is a geothermal spa. Translated, this basically means you get in a massive pool of hot water that is spewed up from holes in the ground. Although the pool is man made, the water pumped in and renewed every 2 days is all natural. In some areas it is hot, in others it is unbearably hot and there's a bar so you can get pissed while floating in a huge hot bath with steam rising above you like a scene from The Mist. The water itself is said to help some skin ailments so it's healing too. Plus the water is actually blue which is pretty cool. You have the option to get a massage in the water, cover yourself in clay masks or sit in the steam room. It's really beautiful with the steam rising everywhere. When you're in the pool you can hardly see a few feet in front because of the steam, yet when you view from above everything looks super clear. I highly, highly recommend it and it's definitely one to tick off the bucket list. 

Swimming in hot water is rather tiring and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to sleep. Other notable things to have happened include: 

Trying on the itchiest sweater of all time;
My mother taking a long drink out of a bottle of 'water' that turned out to be gin;
My mother realising she forgot her make up and having to spend the holiday with no eyebrows.

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