Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 3

Breakfast is quickly turning into my favourite time of the day. Today it took me 15 minutes after I'd left the cafe to realise I'd left my (my brothers) iPod on my table. Everybody insisted I hurry back before someone steals it, I was quick to remind them we are no longer in England and declared the Icelanders seem like 'honest folk'. I was absolutely right and my iPod was right where I left it. Ha!

We all then questioned whether my mother had possibly had a stroke when she realised her make up was packed in her Wellington boot after all. She has spent 2 days with no eyebrows for nothing. 

The terrible news was delivered yesterday that our proposed jeep tour had been canceled due to bad weather. Honestly. These people with their excuses. Slippery glaciers and minus temperatures never killed anyone. 

Anyway, instead of a potentially suicidal jeep tour we have settled for the mysteriously named Golden Circle tour.  This included less life threatening scenarios but you can't have everything. The coach set off about half 12, and headed first for the Golden Waterfall. The time it took us to get there I can only presume the golden bit referred to its proximity to the sun. I wish. Maybe they thought 'golden' would distract you from the fact it was fucking freezing. It was so windy I didn't even have to walk down the '100 or more' steps, I was pushed. (More number based facts from the Icelandic tour folk.) It was all worth nearly losing my hands for because the waterfall was really amazing. It was like a scene from The Land Before Time. 

After the waterfall came the hot spring park named Geysir. (Lol @ the fact it sounds like gay). These hot springs are all over Iceland, they are pools of boiling hot water bubbling up from under the ground. They are so hot they emit steam which, because it can be so flat, are visible from far away and occasionally erupt with water that shoots metres in the air. We were reminded on many occasions not to be tempted to put our hands in to check the temperature of the water, because she can tell us now: "it is warm."

Following this we made another stop to admire some tectonic plates. This was also pretty cool. An episode of Game of Thrones was recently filmed at this same place so you have an idea of the landscape I'm talking about. The more I see of Iceland, the more I want to see of it. It's incredible how flat some areas are, yet it is so mountainous in others. 

Once we got off the tour coach I was desperate to get home and sleep. Quite frankly I could have slept for a week. Instead we searched for a place to eat dinner. We settled for The Laundromat Cafe, and it turned out to be very good. And they didn't name it The Laundromat Cafe for nothing, because there was an actual laundromat in the basement. This didn't take away from the fact the food was nice, the atmosphere really relaxed and the interior generally pretty damn cool. 

More bad whether is predicted for tomorrow. If it gets any colder I'm going to need a hand transplant. 

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