Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 4

As it's day almost our last day we can officially start moaning and complaining about how we don't want to go home, thus ruining the remaining time we do have left.  

Just when I thought breakfast couldn't get any better, today we were offered the option of having boiled or scrambled eggs. The options here know no bounds. I would never usually consider eating bread and cheese at breakfast but I'm a convert. You can never have enough cheese and bread I feel. 

The windy weather continued today as we spent some more time exploring the city of Reykjavik. This involved less walking and more being swept along as we took in the harbour and Old Reykjavik. We also had the pleasure of playing in the worlds most unsafe playground. At a glance it could have been mistaken for a mechanic/boatyard dumping ground. It was incredible. You had the choice of climbing up a wooden teepee construction onto the rusted, nail filled old boat or swinging on old tyres and buoyancy aids, tied with rope. There was even some coloured fishing nets lying on the ground. I don't really know what that was for though. Maybe some traditional Icelandic game. As we balanced on the unsafe planks of wood I could practically hear the lawsuits singing in the wind. It was the sort of place that wouldn't get shut down in the UK, but only because it would never be allowed in the first place. People these days. 

We continued on our way, taking in the seafront and battling insane winds. I got a few more beautiful shots of the mountains across the water and on the verge of frostbite and earache in one ear, we escaped to a cafe to defrost. The establishment we graced with our presence was the oddly named Babalu cafe. I don't really know what that was about but there was a plastic dinosaur, a quarter deck of cards and the first fifty shades of grey book on the side. So, you know. I guess you could call it quirky. They also served us a giant slice of cheesecake which I had no objection to sharing. That's pretty big, if you know me. 

Tonight we will dine in the Fish Market restaurant. We're taking some time back in the hotel to chill out before we go, preparing ourselves for the amount of money we are about to spend. I used to think living and eating in London was expensive. How naive I was. 

Other notable things to have happened today include seeing what I presume was a homeless man taking rubbish out of a bin. This only goes to reinforce my point that you must be a millionaire to live in or visit Iceland. 

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