Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day 5

Sadly today is the day we must depart. Nothing of note happened at breakfast time this morning. I guess it really is the end. The waitress looked pretty put out when we all asked for different types of eggs again so perhaps the other waiter just liked us. He gave us free coffee on the fist day and looks like a scooby doo character. 

After finishing all our packing we had an awkward amount of time left before our flight so decided to go for one last bracing walk in town. It was just starting to snow, which combined with the wind felt like daggers being blown into our eyes. It was lovely. 

We hopped onto our airport transfer and arrived with slightly too long to spend in the departure lounge. The airport itself was really nice and not crowded like the usual Gatwick/Heathrow zoo. I was in a really bad mood so I consoled myself with buying sweeties and M&Ms. The rest of the pre-boarding time was fairly uneventful. The real fun began once we got on the plane. 

I really hit the jackpot this time around with my seat allocation. One of the first things I noticed was the 'out of service' sign on the screen in front of me. This was annoying for 2 reasons; I didn't want to watch a film when I got on but now that I couldn't watch a film, I wanted to. Also, if I decided I was bored of my music or finished my book I'd be forced to, gasp, make conversation with my family. 

Now, I believe there are two types of people in this world. The first type are those who recline their seats on planes, coaches etc. And then there is the second type who do not. They are what you call normal. As you might be able to guess, I was lucky enough to be seated behind the type of person who reclines their seat. 

So I understand they have reclining seats for a reason. They are there to be utilised for the comfort of the passenger. What this fails to factor in is the comfort of the passenger behind them, who will likely be forced to recline theirs and so on. The problem with this is that you get one really unlucky person right at the back who's stuck unable to recline and who just has to suffer. I am thankfully not this poor soul at the back of the plane but that still doesn't mean I'm putting my seat back. 

Maybe I sound like I'm being a little bit harsh here, because I am. People may have the right to do what they want with a seat that has the option to recline but this isn't about doing something just because you can, if we all went around with that attitude this world would be in a sorry state. It's about having a bit of courtesy for the person who might be sitting behind you. Me, for example. A really tall person who is now EVEN MORE SQUASHED THAN THEY WERE TO START WITH. 

I might be biased but seriously, do short people have any idea how uncomfortable standard size seats are? It's like being one of those kittens who are forced to live in tiny glass jars so they grow all tiny and cute (deformed). There are very, very few occasions when it is less than desirable being tall. Most of the time I love it. Even when I'm getting eyed up by a man (whilst seated) on the train, who suddenly looks away when I stand up for my stop and it turns out he's a foot shorter than me. Even then. 

At the risk of making a massive generalisation here, I'd go so far as to put money on the fact the man in front of me who reclined his seat is a) short and b) an arsehole. Anyway, despite the fact he scraped my knees when his seat flew back I've forgiven him. Because he's put it back now. 

Luckily for you my lack of TV meant I had this spare time to write. And some time to reflect on my holiday. The highlight for me was probably the trip to the Blue Lagoon, I really enjoyed that and I've already decided that's where I'm going for my hen night. Even though I'm not engaged to be married, nor in a relationship. Doesn't hurt to be prepared though. I have also already decided I want to return to Iceland for another holiday even if it is just a weekend. There is definitely more to do in Reykjavik and I'm still yet to see the northern lights. It's the perfect place to go with friends so maybe I'll try and plan something when I win the lottery and can afford to go. In the mean time it's back to the rat race...

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